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Providing safe and affordable housing to more independent seniors in our community, building on the 30-year success of Ellwood House.


Ellwood House is an independent, non-profit organization developed by and affiliated with the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle and the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. 

  • St Thomas has a rich history of service to the community—developing and supporting services for seniors, children, and families in our community. 

  • The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is working with several parishes to plan the best use of their land, creating multiple affordable housing projects that are now at varying stages. 

  • The Ellwood House Board of Director’s vision is to extend its current building to increase the tenant community, and to provide more safe and affordable housing to the many seniors in Ottawa who need a stable home.


Proposed is a three and a half storey extension to the existing Ellwood House, located on Braeside Avenue on the site of the former St. Thomas rectory. The current concept plan proposes 38 one-bedroom units, six barrier-free and the rest fully visitable for those with accessibility needs.



Ellwood House has completed the extension planning process required to create 38 more units. The process has taken significant investment of time and money to complete the zoning and site control plan applications. We have made effective use of the pre-development funding to get us to this stage—provided by the City, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa and others.


What’s next?

  1. Produce a Class B budget. This is a requirement for application to CMHC for capital funding. For a Class B budget, we need to progress the building documents to 66% completion.

  2. Complete the drawings required for a building permit, which also require at minimum 66% completion of building permit drawings.


Once we have a Class B budget and a building permit, we can apply for federal, provincial and municipal capital funding and launch a capital fundraising campaign. We know we are on the priority list for City of Ottawa investment. However, in the interim, those two steps will cost a total of about $300,000.


Our three-part project

  • A 38-apartment extension to Ellwood House, building on 35 years of successfully providing safe, affordable housing for seniors in our neighbourhood

  • Renovations to the common areas of the existing Ellwood House, to accommodate more tenants aging in place

  • Enhancements to the St. Thomas campus—upgraded municipal services, better parking, more trees and landscaping

The players

Involved in this non-profit development are:

  • The Ellwood House Board of Directors: lead in turning a vision into reality.

  • The parish of St Thomas the Apostle and the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa: partners in the development and landowners.

  • Colizza-Bruni Architecture

  • MacDonald Brothers Construction

  • City of Ottawa Housing


More information about the project can be found in the documents below.


(Click on links below to view or download documents)

  1. Previous updates

  2. Briefer on Ellwood House

  3. Backgrounder on affordable housing in Ottawa

  4. Ellwood House Extension Steering Committee

  5. Images of Ellwood House Extension on the St. Thomas campus

  6. Ellwood House Extension project timeline


2262 Braeside Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7J6


If you have questions about the Extension, please email, and a Board member will reply.

Steering Committee
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