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Ellwood House By-laws & Policies


Ellwood House is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, a corporation By-Law and a set of policies that are updated regularly. Some of these follow. If you wish access to other policies, please contact the Ellwood House administration.


Please see below for more details on each section. If you would like a physical copy, please contact the office.

Ellwood House Board of Directors


The Board of Directors meets monthly to work with staff to ensure the building runs smoothly and is preserved for years to come, providing affordable housing for our community.

Ellwood House Annual Reports


Download our Annual Report below to learn about how Ellwood House is governed during the year and about exciting plans for the future. 


President:    Janice Horton

Treasurer:    Stephen Parks

Secretary:    Michele Bédard

Director:       Michael Parkes

Director:       Daniel Warchow

Director:       David Salisbury

Director:       Beverly Ensom

Director:       Keaton Ambrose


Bishop of Ottawa                The Rt. Rev. Shane Parker

Incumbent Rector               The Rev. Tim Kehoe

of the Church of

St. Thomas the Apostle     

Rector's Warden                  Cathy Munroe

at St. Thomas

People's Warden                  Jean Jordan

at St. Thomas

Board of Directors
Annual Reports
By-laws & Policies
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