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Ellwood House tenants say:

“One day…the doors of Ellwood House offered serenity, peace of mind, and a safety nest to finally rest one’s head. Forever grateful. Thank you.”


“I’ve had the privilege of living at Ellwood House for 10 years. It’s a wonderful place, very quiet and peaceful. It’s kept very clean and all the people are friendly and kind. I hope to live here for many more years.”


“Ellwood House is the extension of God’s love and support and a restored faith in mankind! I can honestly say, I am back home in an environment I can relate to.”


“I am thankful every day for the privilege of living in Ellwood House. It has become my home—offering me security, contentment and a happy place to chat with neighbours.”


“My dream is to be able to live here at Ellwood House many more years—with friendships and guidance from my benefactor, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. Peace and joy!”


“My being is satisfied when I play a few pieces on Ellwood House’s Steinway in the lounge. Thank you for this precious gem!”


“I like living here. I looked at a lot of places before choosing this apartment.”

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