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Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation  (COCHF)



The Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation (COCHF) is a federation of non-profit housing co-operatives in the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Brantford and Guelph. COCHF member organizations include: housing co-ops, student housing co-ops, co-op staff associations, and resource groups (co-op housing developers/managers).


For news about the local Co-op Sector, click the image to your right:

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada


CHF Canada is the nation-wide umbrella organization for co‑op housing and Canada’s link with co‑op housing around the world. As spelled out in our mission and values, we exist to unite, represent and serve the co‑op housing community across Canada.


For national information about the Co-operative Sector. Click the link below:

Ontario Co-operative Association


The Ontario Co-operative Association Inc. (On Co-op™) believes that co-operatives build a better world. We are the trade association and capacity-building organization that develops, educates and advocates for Ontario's 1,300 co-operative businesses.


For more information about Co-operative Businesses, contact the Ontario Co-operative Association.



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