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Welcome to
Ellwood House

Devoted to providing a safe and affordable permanent home to independent seniors in the community since 1988.


Progress to even better accessibility — 15 of our tenants now have cut-outs in the sides of their bathtubs, making it easier to step into the shower.


Ellwood House

2270 Braeside Ave

Ottawa, ON

K1H 7J67

​Tel: 613.521.5151


Property management services are provided by Homestarts, a non-profit community-based organization. Staff are on-site several times a week to attend to administrative matters and ensure communication with tenants, and are on call for urgent matters. A "security tenant" is available for assistance in the absence of property management staff.

If you need to contact office staff, please call, email, or drop a note into the office mail slot (there may be a delay of receipt for anything dropped in the mail slot).

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