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Welcome to
Ellwood House

Devoted to providing a safe and affordable permanent home to independent seniors in the community since 1988.


Ellwood House

2270 Braeside Ave

Ottawa, ON

K1H 7J7

​Tel: 613.521.5151

A proud milestone! Ellwood House pays off its mortgage. Details.

Ellwood House is excited to announce the success of its funding request through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Housing Accelerator Fund. The Ellwood House Extension will receive $9.5 million in capital funding as part of the $176.3 million being allocated city wide to support rapid affordable housing development. Stay tuned for a more detailed update.

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Property management services are provided by Homestarts, a non-profit community-based organization. Staff are on-site several times a week to attend to administrative matters and ensure communication with tenants, and are on call for urgent matters. A "security tenant" is available for assistance in the absence of property management staff.

If you need to contact office staff, please call, email, or drop a note into the office mail slot (there may be a delay of receipt for anything dropped in the mail slot).

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